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Quality > Quantity

Some girls take one, and some girls take all.

Some showcase themselves out there to be found, some take time to find themselves until they are found.

When it comes to being single, girls have their own habits in dating. It depends which phase you're currently in as well.

I went through I Dig Gangsters Yo phase. Younger MenCandy phase. Asians Only La phase. And behold, Relentless Serial Dater phase.

There's this girl who is self-proclaimed, self-glamorized Serial Dater, but it's not a phase for her, rather her actual dating style. She goes online to gather five guys to date in five days, as if seeing clients, and heaven forbid she makes it seem like she's hot shit ala Megan Fox and every man wants her.

I suggested to her to try to focus on one or two at the present, not 5 simultaneously. Even a caveman can find dates online. But take it easy. And if it doesn't click or spark or explode, then move on to the next one. How do you really get to know one person and see any chemistry there if you're trying to keep your other reserves entertained at the same time?

Despite dating the whole (and its neighbouring) city, she often found herself crying and running to me because of disappointments, being silently treated and ultimately left in the dust. I made so may U-turns in the middle of the streets for this girl, making sure she had company and comfort and was still in one piece.

Maybe if she stopped opening her legs to every guy she brings home, maybe she can land herself a decent man who will respect her enough to not pull Houdini acts whenever she asks if there's any relationship progress, and not pop back out of the woodwork when they're horny. I am not one to judge whether fucking around is right or wrong, and no I'm not a saint. Last time I checked it *should* be wrong.

I just don't agree with her lifestyle. Shoot me.

I was The Other Girl once. Or twice. Also Just Some Girl. I always wanted to be His Only, Most Special, Favourite Girl. And I'm grateful for someone like my baby to perceive me as that.

I don't need to surround myself and bask in the attention of many men to boost my self-esteem and self-importance. I'm content with attention and affection from THE one.I totally multi topic-whored this post.

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And You Take Me As I Am

<img class=alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-7 title=images src= alt= width=114 height=150 /> When meeting new people, I don't feel the need to put on a show or to crank up the charm to get approval. I'm allergic to plastic. It's either you like me or you don't.

Same rule applies with my baby's friends.

I got rave reviews from them. All I had to do was sit on the couch. Their responses and comments were positive, and very flattering.

Except this one chick who is married to one of his buddies.

I was awakened with a shower of I Love You's and quick kisses on my face by my baby at 2 am, the night he held a house party on Friday. I was drunk with sleep and seeing his face through haze of slumber, tender smile on his face while caressing mine, was such a sight.

Apparently that chick was interrogating him about me earlier, questioning my worth.

Why her?

What do you like about her?

Why do you like her so much?

Because everybody knows; I'm Asian. And Catholic.

Oh hai. Are you intimidated by Asian girls who are adored by white guys?

She apparently had an issue, because she's Catholic and converting to Judaism, her husband's (and my baby's) religion. But switching religions just to be liked by his family, who are not even strong Jews themselves?

How are your kids going to be raised as?

But the kids carry on the mother's religion!

My baby's reply to that was that he'll have his kids raised with both Catholic and Jewish traditions. They'll celebrate Christmas, and know what's kosher or not. I love him.

But it got to the point where my baby and his bestfriend got SO annoyed with her, that by the end of the night they made her cry in the bathroom.

All this happening when I was sleeping. Can't believe I missed this. Bet ya she wouldn't have been able to open that mouth had I been downstairs the whole time.

Actually, I have her to thank. Because of her questions, doubts and low regard towards me for staying Catholic, it made my baby jump on my defense and realize even more how much he loved me, and how lucky he feels he is.

I was swimming in abnormally high level of I Love You's and affection the whole weekend. And to think we just got over a bad fight days prior to the house party. I didn't think what we have could possibly be stronger.

Funny how things work out in the end. Whenever in doubt or in despair, just trust in life a little more.

But for now, I don't feel the need to see that chick's face.
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A Girl's Bestfriends

<img class=alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-7 title=images src= alt= width=114 height=150 /> I commend my baby for being arithmetically and financially smart. I commend his strict discipline and behaviour when purchasing items, from grocery to retail. I love doing groceries with him, and watching him cook for us while I sit on my ass and watch TV. It gives me a glimpse and feel of a domestic life.

But this is where we clash. Wherein I tend to go on random shopping rampages, impulse purchases, and be blissfully oblivious to price tags, he makes sure he halts me from grabbing anything that is unnecessary or I could get at a better deal elsewhere.

And it annoys me deep inside.

I'm already half Ilocano and stingy with money as is. He's double that. And I thought *I* was disciplined. But it's a good thing I think. How else does one get rich? I'm sure he's hiding stacks of money somewhere. And it's pulled out when most necessary. See? Discipline. Best part is; he's not even flashy about it.

I find that attractive in a man. He's already portraying himself as a good provider without even trying. Stable. And knows what he's doing with finances.

So do I, most of the time. I've always been careful with how I spend. But I do tend to be superficial and materialistic. Aren't we all? Either that, or, heck, I love presents.

I still have my Gucci bag from 2 years ago. Retailing for $900, I got it at staff discount courtesy of my ex . Not really a big fan of Macbook or Apple in general, but I did get it for $100 less. Until this day I do not know how to work that thing and it gets frustrating. I have Bvlgari perfume, TNA winter jacket, Guess clutchbag as presents. And my car for a couple hundred bucks, thanks Dad.

The only purchase I'm disappointed with is my Blackberry Curve. That thing acts up as much as I do. I'm getting sick of dropped calls and having to repeatedly take out the battery to reset the damn thing. Thinking of switching to iPhone 4GS.

I'm not a fan of brand names when it comes to clothing though. As long as I can rock it, I don't really give two pieces of crap about whose name is stitched on to it.

What I'm really overly anal with care for is my bag. I think she's close to retiring, but still beautiful. Everyone knows I get worked up over my bag. I once yelled at a kid who was semi-stepping on it.

But where do I go from Gucci? Don't want to downgrade to anything less.

Then again, I think that applies to pretty much life in general. Careerwise, relationshipwise, and my overall characteristics as a person, a woman, a daughter, a sister, and a lover.


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